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The Power of Understanding Communication Clues & Cues:

Convincer Strategies Explained

Convincer Strategy’ ? The filter, pattern or strategy that we use to make a decision.  Before we say 'yes' - before we commit- before we go ahead with an offer.

When you understand the Convincer Strategies, it suddenly becomes clear why a potential client said "I'll think about it" or "I'll get back to you", or why that very same sales chat resulted in another person instantly saying 'yes'.

Knowing about Convincer Strategies should make you re-think your communica­tion with your clients – your verbal and written communication of course, including your marketing materials and your marketing frequency.

  • 14% are Automatic Convincers, with criteria. They will say 'yes' to you if and only if your product meets the results and outcomes they are after.
  • 35% are Automatic Convincers based on an emotional decision that it 'feels right' to them. These people also respond strongly to testimonials or 'who else' uses this product.
  • 35% are Period-of-Time Convincers. During that period of time needed to make up their mind, they are checking in with themselves, subconsciously, do they feel secure and comfortable about this decision they are about to make.
  • 16% are Three-to-Five-Times Convincers. They need to see it, hear it, check in their feelings about it, and will often be the ones who are doing the research into you. Their decision is factual, not emotional.

This explains why a one-off ad, or a single letterbox drop, doesn't necessarily make the phone ring.  A good 51% of people, who could potentially buy your product, are not automatic convincers!

Understanding this means you can build rapport faster – a vital component of communication, and not just in the sales process.  You can also learn to use language that talks to their convincer strategy – not your own.

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