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Golden Rules For Listening

'Active listening' is a remarkable way of encouraging others to keep talking and to be sure you understand what they are saying to you.

Use Minimal Encouragers: 

Minimal Encouragers can triple the length of the other person's statements and the amount of information they give. 

When the other person is speaking, encourage them to keep talking by using these Minimal Encouragers:

I see... Uh, huh...


Tell me more...

Keep eye contact with the person:  

Meet their gaze for the same length of time that they meet yours.

Mirroring a person's gaze creates rapport.

Lean towards the person as you listen: 

We lean away from people we don't like or who bore us.

an forward — show you're interested.

Don't interrupt the speaker; stick to the point: 

Avoid the urgency to change subjects.

Let them finish what they're saying.

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