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Welcome to The Dhanvantari College Founded in 2011 by Dhanistha Devi Dasi.  Dhanistha has worked in several countries around the world during her career as a homeopath.   She brings together multiple approaches and outstanding methods which enable students to confidently step up to the mark.  This personal experience provides the wealth and colour of a life spent in exploring and practising homeopathy.  The Dhanvantari College provide high-quality training in homeopathy.  As with everything homeopathic it provides a distinctly personal touch in terms of teaching and support.  Our training courses take place in Victoria and Northern New South Wales.

Telephone for appointment:  (02) 80058205   

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As a supporter of Australian manufacturing, So Much Potential is proud to be associated with Friends of the Replas Environmental Centre (REC).

The REC offers a space for companies who are passionate about providing sustainable solutions to display their products and services.

The centre features a large exhibition area, theatre and conference room, and offers visitors to the centre the opportunity to learn about alternative solutions to traditional problems.

To see what’s on offer, or to join Friends of the Replas Environmental Centre, please visit the REC website for more information.

For any queries and viewing of the sculptures, please contact me on

m 0431 300 178    by appointment only

Mulgrave (Victoria) area

Directions given on phone at time of appointment


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