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What is Behavioural Analysis - Psychometric Testing?
Behavioural Analysis assessment tools are designed to provide user-friendly information that changes the way individuals communicate, behave and work together both professionally and personally. As human beings we are all unique. We have our own way of doing things and behaving in different situations. These differences often cause challenges in our professional and personal lives. Through psychometric tests we can understand how we are different and how we can effectively interact with other behavioural styles and, therefore, ultimately improve our performance. These psychometric tools are most commonly used for Recruitment and Retention of staff, motivation of staff, increase productivity, increased sales, improve communication and team dynamics. Products include Behavioural Analysis, Work Pair Analysis, Team Analysis, Open 360s and FinxS/ Extended DISC.

What can I expect?
Questions may at times challenge you yet will enable you to discover and consider what options, resources and choices you have available within and around you.

I don't live in Melbourne Australia- How can we work together?
Whilst person to person is great- we can also work via Skype or telephone, so your geographic location is not an issue. Outcomes experienced will be no less powerful thanks to the wonders of technology in this 21st Century.

Does SMP only work with individuals?
Similar processes can also be applied to groups. Through informational sessions for groups. Through facilitation sessions where organisations seek to improve the managing and leadership abilities of key staff or team members.

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