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Tuesday, June 11 2013

If you always do what you always did…………………

You will always get what you always got.  I invite you to discover, uncover and master the resources you possess within you right now – the passion, desire, drive and courage to live your life at its most powerful level. 


The key is to appreciate that ultimately who we become  is a choice - through determining the quality of our experiences and that it is not about getting ‘things’ in order to be happy. The more you know yourself- what you love, what you hate and what drives and excites you - achieving what you want and fulfillment becomes even more effortless.


Where is your life today?  What is it that you secretly want to be, do or have that’s different to what you are experiencing now? It is all so easy to stay with what you know and resist change.  But what is really holding you back?  If its fear, then it pays to bear in mind that FEAR is the acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real.  In which case, ‘fear’ deserves to be challenged. 


When approaching something totally new or different in their lives, everyone feels some fear…………and yet, people are still out there ‘doing’ just that.  So fear would not appear to be the problem.  The secret to letting go of fear and to win is in giving yourself such a compelling reason why you would give this up, that you would do anything rather than stay in that same stuck place.  Almost unbelievably, there are  some people no matter how much it costs them to do so, continue  hanging onto painful or destructive habits or beliefs, preferring the pain of what they know rather than risk the perceived pain of the unknown.


Life is nothing more than a series of choices that we make for ourselves to meet our needs.  Even not choosing is a choice.  Every choice we make has consequences that can be empowering or disempowering.  It is important to remember that, rather than blame ourselves if we have made a poor choice, become aware of the thinking behind it and to notice any patterns in our choices.  Having done that we can see a blueprint or map for how we shape our lives.  If we like the blueprint, the map, we could keep our pattern of choice.  If we don’t, we need to learn how to make different more empowering choices.


First things first, before we can create change in anything, it is useful to assess first where the desire for change is best.  It is vital too, to ensure that the change you seek is ecological and congruent- that is, it will be good for self, for others and the greater good.  Or to put it more bluntly, not purely selfish without any care or concern for those upon which it may have an impact of a (potentially) destructive or harmful nature.  This is not about seeing the world always through rose- coloured glasses or taking care to not step on ants or kill spiders or not making changes in a toxic relationship.  It is to more fully understand the ripple effect and resulting impact created by even one small change or recalibration in you.


By focusing on and  identifying the most important areas of your life, or business, identify your strengths and those things you want to keep doing  Then, identify and create a list of areas that, if you were to not transform them in some way, the quality of your life would be compromised.  What are some opportunities that will be lost by procrastination and deferring decisions?  Always remember that there is no such thing as failure.  There is only feedback that what you have done to date needs some form of adjustment.  And if that doesn’t work – do something else, and if that doesn’t work – do something else………keep recalibrating and adjusting until you get the outcome you seek.  And yes, sometimes a fresh start may be needed.


I’m sure you get the message.  It could be likened to climbing a mountain, or running a marathon.   Processes are required with planning and preparation and care to detail.  Not one giant step, but many steps- and just sometimes maybe you need to go back to base and start over with a more enlightened approach as you now have more information with which to work. 


Your commitment toward the improvement you desire will be bettered through focus. 

  • What specifically do you want
    • use positive language, not what you don’t want
  • Where are you now in relation to that outcome
  • Get the specific outcome
    • What will you see, hear and feel when you have it
    • Make it compelling
    • Future pace it “It is January 31 2014, and …….
    • Write it in the present tense “ I am ….” I have… or “I do…..
    • Is the first step specific and achievable
  • How will you know when you have it
  • Is it congruently desirable
    • what will the outcome get for you or allow you to do
    • are you sure you want it
  • Are you the only person in charge of your results– is it self-initiated and self-maintained
  • Are there any drawbacks to achieving this outcome
  • What resources are required to achieve this outcome
    • Do you have those resources now
    • Do you know anyone else who has achieved it- what resources did they have
  • Check your purpose
    • For what purpose do you want it
    • What will you lose or gain if you get it


Now you have the strategy.   A dream written down with a date becomes a goal.  A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan.  A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.  I’m just a phone call away should you need some guidance to tap into your full potential and realise the power of positive purpose and taking action.  Do that.

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